Meet Team Röki - Matthew



1 - Introduce yourself

Hi, I'm Matthew, a programmer and all round tech guy. My role at Polygon Treehouse is to make sure that all the technical parts behind the scenes are well oiled and running smoothly.

Recently I've been doing secret things that we're not ready to share just yet!



2 - What was / who was your inspiration for wanting to be in the gaming industry? 

I'm showing my age a bit here but when my family got our first computer, a BBC Micro model B. I was instantly hooked!

It seemed incredible to me that you could use a little box connected to the telly to make pictures, sounds, music and ultimately games! From that moment on I knew what I wanted to do.




3 - Favourite childhood game?

Wow, there are so many to choose from but I'd probably have to go with Elite on the Beeb.

I was amazed that there was a whole galaxy to explore as I pleased, and the super simple wireframe graphics meant I had to use my imagination to turn circles into lush planets and triangles into deadly warships.

An honorary mention must also go out to SpaceHarrier (at the arcades of course!)



4 - Favourite game of the moment?

At the moment, there are several games that I am really enjoying:

Enter the Dungeon, Sword of Ditto, Inside (although Samu already stole that as her favourite!), Quake Live and Battlefield 1 but the game that really has me hooked right now is PUBG.

There's nothing quite like hiding in a ditch for 30 minutes only to be bopped on the head with a frying pan.



5 - Who do you think would make you starstruck?

I think I would have to say John Carmack - that's one clever dude. He made some truly ground-breaking tech for Doom, Quake and Rage.

and now he's making rockets...



6. And finally… Describe Röki in 5 words or less

OK, here goes...

A charming, touching, beautiful, adventure. 

Bridie Bork