Meeting Heinrich

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Welcome back to the 3rd part of our character series. This week we take a look at Tove and Lars' loveable, but slightly flawed dad. Say hello to Heinrich everyone!


Heinrich is a slob. He wasn’t always that way, but it’s been a slippery slope since  his wife died, five years ago. And he’s yet to figure out what life without her is supposed to be like.

Due to the life insurance, Heinrich is able to support his family with minimum effort, which allows him to indulge in his beer drinking and esoteric wood carvings. He does the bare minimum of looking after the kids but has lost all incentive to look after himself. Of course, if anything should happen to them, it might just jolt him into finding his real strength again...

When he’s not in his usual beer-induced slumber, Henrich slowly becomes his old self: bluff but kind, a no-frills but talented carpenter, and prone to sudden belly laughter – usually immediately after a short fit of temper.



  • Drinking beer and napping by the fire
  • When sober: whittling spoons and small animal figurines
  • Drumming his belly while thinking
  • Forgetting to do the shopping  

Internal conflicts

  • Struggling to keep control over his possible alcoholism

  • Feels guilt at not being able to offer Tove and Lars a normal life,  and as a result, rationalises that they need to learn their independence even quicker.

  • Apathetic, but also disappointed in himself that he’s lost his vigour.

External conflicts

  • The demands of Lars and Tove.

  • Knows that the insurance money won’t last forever.



  • Driving. In fact, he just won’t, at all.
  • The fire going out.
  • Blunt tools.
  • The basement.


  • Old Stag Brew
  • Rocking chairs and fires, especially when they’re next to each other.
  • Being left alone
  • Wood. Preferably teak or rosewood, but really any will do.
  • How bushy his beard has become.


That's it for today, join us again next week!



Tom Jones