Meeting Röki


This week, you'll meet the eponymous monster of our tale. Of course it's Tove's adventures you follow through the game, but it's Roki that sits at the heart of things.

Here, you'll find a few hints as to his true nature, but you and Tove will have to overcome trials and tribulations to figure out the whole story.


Röki is a tragic, monstrous denizen of The Nether. His snatching Lars away is what sets the game in motion – but his story begins even before that moment.

What are Röki’s plans for young Lars? Is he truly a monster at heart?

Perhaps, as you join Tove on her journey to reclaim her little brother, something of Roki’s humanity and the conflict within him will be revealed.



  • Inventing games to occupy himself while trapped in the Nether

  • Kidnapping human children

  • Grinning - even when he’s not supposed to.


External conflicts

  • Tove’s determination to reclaim her brother.

  • His fear of the wider Nether.

  • The rage of another of the Nether’s inhabitants.

Internal conflicts

  • Roki exists in constant emotional turmoil, rarely knowing a moment’s peace.

  • At the heart of it all is an impossible desire to be something more than he ever can be.

  • Roki is incredibly lonely.



  • Himself.


  • The cold.

  • Games of any kind.

  • Small animals.


That's it until next time, all the best!


    Tom Jones