Meeting Lars


Welcome back to the second in our series of character profiles.

This week, we’d like to introduce you to Lars, Tove’s younger brother. Lars is very much an unwitting catalyst for our story, and let’s just say – it wouldn’t be fair for Tove to totally hog the limelight, would it?


Lars is stubborn, adventurous, immature and prone to melancholy. He’s a magnet for trouble, despite his playful intentions. Though he loves Tove dearly, he also resents her (having to) act as his mother.

He’s excitable, and though he initially seems like a cry-baby, he’s actually just intensely compassionate and sensitive – traits that come rushing to the fore when he feels threatened – as well he might...


  • Easily distracted
  • Loves to experiment (but not great with his documentation)
  • Jumping on his bed
  • Moaning about Tove
  • Fixating on one small problem.
Lars_Faces (1).gif

External conflicts

  • Dealing with ineffectual father and being looked after by Tove.
  • Really bored of eggs.
  • Allergic to herring. Must remember to eat less of it.

Internal conflicts

  • Not sure who is supposed to be looking after him, or how much looking after he needs.
  • Loves Tove but also jealous and resentful of her independence. Why not him?
  • Wants to grow up but is scared about having responsibilities.
  • Has to work extra hard to make his own enjoyment, never feels he gets enough attention.


  • Eggs - well, he does now, anyway.
  • Tove leaving him alone.
  • The smell of stale beer.
  • Ravens.
  • Being lost.
  • Being told what, or what not to do.


  • Being wrapped up in his poncho.
  • Bows, arrows, swords, anything he can cause destruction with.
  • Tove leaving him alone.
  • A roaring fire and a huge mug of cocoa - so long as Tove makes it just right.
  • Mr Ted.
  • Hiding from Tove.
  • Being read to.
Scared_Lars (1).gif

That's it for this week, join us next week for another character!




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