Meeting Tove



Welcome to the first in a new series of blog-posts, delving into the personalities of our cast. You’ll get to know some better than others throughout Tove’s journey, but either way what you see of them in-game is just the tip of a big ol’ iceberg.   

So, let’s kick things off with the fresh-faced heroine of our tale, Tove.

Oh, and let’s just say, we’ve removed a few spoilers here and there, so don’t think by reading these there’ll be nothing left to discover.

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Tove is mature for her age, on account of having to bear responsibility for her young brother Lars due to her father's general uselessness.

She’s quick-witted, resourceful, kind (if a little quick tempered) and adventurous.

Yet, underneath it all, Tove wonders whether she isn’t missing out on – what, exactly? – she doesn’t know. But she’s restless, and even her beloved horror movies are starting to feel like a routine.

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  • Inventing new (annoying) pet names for Lars.
  • Exploring the wood and mountains near her home. She's recently started learning to boulder and is developing a keen interest in botany/ecology.
  • Occasionally talks to herself in the 3rd person.

External conflicts

  • Dealing with ineffectual father and looking after Lars.
  • Staying and learning to be safe while exploring and adventuring.
  • Lars wanting to always follow her.

Internal conflicts

  • Repressed anger towards her dad, and even unconsciously towards Lars.
  • Her desire to explore and be free vs. Her love and sense of responsibility towards Lars. 
  • Fear that she'll never be the one that is looked after again.


  • Her old toys, and finding junk around the house.
  • The smell of stale beer.
  • Ice.
  • Being lost.
  • The dark, it's boring and gross.
  • Falling asleep with her clothes on (usually while reading)
  • When Lars has a tantrum or won’t leave her alone.
  • Puzzles that she can’t quickly figure out.  


  • The cold.
  • Climbing, trekking, the forest flora and fauna.
  • Reading herself to sleep.
  • A roaring fire and a huge mug of cocoa.
  • When Lars finally does what she asks.
  • Getting stronger.
  • Old time-y sayings picked up from obscure wilderness manuals
  • Weird horror movies.

Tune in next week for a look at Lars.

All the best,


Tom Jones