Meet Team Röki - Ali



1  Introduce yourself

Hi! I’m Ali from LookListen Game Audio and I’m very excited to be providing the sound design for Roki.

The role of sound design is to add to the experience the player is having when playing the game. This is a combination of making the environments in the game feel believable and giving the player feedback on what their character is doing and feeling.

It always comes back to the player!

Technically the job is a mixture of creating sound effects (think footsteps, monster voices, atmospheres) in a Digital Audio Workstation (I use Reaper) and making the game engine trigger these sounds in the right way.


2. What was / who was your inspiration for wanting to be in the gaming industry?

From the moment I realised that someone had the job of making the sounds for the games I’d loved playing it was a done deal. Suddenly my seemingly random skillset actually made sense!



3. Favourite childhood game?

Star Control 2 (1v1 Arena with my big brother) and a puzzle game called The Lost Vikings.




4. Favourite game of the moment?

I’ve been playing a bunch of a strategy game called Into The Breach, a recent release by the developers of FTL. It’s a challenging one, all about choosing between the lesser of two evils. Great to pickup for a quick session on the couch.



5. Who do you think would make you starstruck?

I’m addicted to the NBA, so any NBA player would make me feel starstruck, or at least short!



6. And finally… Describe Röki in 5 words or less

Human stories. Fantastical environments. Adventure.


If I described it in 5 sounds or less!

  • A cold wind

  • Fire burning in the hearth

  • Magic crackling in the air

  • A mechanism clicking into place

  • Picking up a valuable object

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