Meet Team Röki - Samu



1 - Introduce yourself 

Ello! I'm Samu, a gameplay designer (amongst other things) working on Röki. 

Primarily, my job is to make sure the levels are fun and fluid, in terms of how they play. It's also important that the design supports the narrative as well as the visual elements of the game, so that it feels like a full and coherent experience.

Up till now, I've been working on detailed paper designs for Tom and Alex. Pretty soon though, I'll be moving on to making levels myself, which will be lots of fun


2 - What was / who was your inspiration for wanting to be in the gaming industry?

So, I loved to play all kinds of games when I was young. I enjoyed board games, video games, physical running-around-in-the-street games and I particularly loved things like treasure hunts!

I think though, the point at which I really started to consider a career in the games industry was when I played Soul Reaver as a teenager. I absolutely loved that game, and still do. 

I remember hearing that they employed an architect to work on the environment design. Whether it was true or not I don't know, but I was young enough for this to have been a revelation.

It was the first time I had even considered the idea that actual people were employed to make games as their job. I realised then that it's not some mysterious and unrealistic dream, it's a thing you can actually train in and do. I know that sounds a bit silly, but before then, it just hadn't occurred to me.



3 - Favourite childhood game

When I was little, my younger brother and I would play either on my Nan's Atari 2600, or on our own Sega Mega Drive. I like playing two player games with my brother and particularly enjoyed Sonic the Hedgehog 2 as we could play it co-op. 



4 - Favourite game of the moment

Wahhhh! This is such a difficult question, since I find I have different favourites for different moods!

Although I'm not playing it right now, Inside was definitely very high on my list of recent favourites. I love the weird, dark, contemplative yet brutal nature of Playdead's games. Great stuff.



5 - Who do you think would make you starstruck?

Since Hideo Kojima has already been claimed by Bridie, I think I'll go with Sam Lake. The writer of Max Payne and Alan Wake; both long standing favourites of mine. 



6 - And finally… Describe Röki in 5 words or less 

Well, I'm not very good at these things, but I'd say...

A darkly magical family fairytale

Bridie Bork