E3 2018 Indie picks


In case you missed it, we tweeted our personal picks of this years E3 indies for our Follow Friday and the amazing team members that make them happen.

We love supporting others just like us and the amazing work they do, so we decided to deep dive into what it is exactly that caught our eye about these indie titles.



Created practically by two devs in a shed, big things really do come from small beginnings.

This open vast title isn't filled with tools or even goals as far as we know but it's about exploring the landscape and learning about the culture and history of its inhabitants.

And we will quite happily do so because this game looks like the love child of Ico and Nausicaa Valley of the wind, any explorers dream. The art style is just perfect, a Moebius hand drawn charm with one hell of a colour palette.

Just take a look for yourselves:



This Noir style title is completely narrative driven.

Coincidentally, you also play the role of a Taxi driver in Paris, tasked with the late night shift and picking up all sorts of characters in your backseat.

However, this Taxi driver life style quickly develops into a murder mystery. Police reveal all your recent passengers have become victims in a murder case and you were the last to see them alive.

To prove your innocence and clear your name you must find the real killer by becoming a 'noir detective'.



A third person adventure similar in style to Zelda where you play as an adorable fox, I mean honestly what more could you want? 

Explore wilderness, discover ruins, and fight ancient creatures is all we have to go on so far, but this is after all the same studio that worked on Night In The Woods so you know you're in safe hands.



A slightly different take on the afterlife and has a soundtrack written by Scntfc, the same folks that did Oxenfree.

Afterparty is definitely the most intreaging of this year's indies. After a wild last college party, Milo and lola wake up and find themselves in Hell. 

These two characters must find their way through Nowhere and also take part in a lot of college drinking type activities in order to gain special abilities and dialog options to help ease your path. Seems like the only way out is to outdrink Satan himself.

This game is full of character, charm, wit and we can't wait to see more. Check out a sneak peak of the gameplay below:



Sea of solitude from Jo-Mei games is a personal story.

This title explores the tale of your character, Kay. Already formed into a monster you must help her explore to regain humanity, the only ones that can help her change back, are other monsters.

The premise behind this transformation is that “when humans get too lonely, they turn into monsters.”

And we love that concept in the beautiful style and world it's presented in.

If you missed it at this year's E3, take a look below:


That's it for this week. Until next time,

Team Röki

Bridie Bork