Weekly Round Up - Week 1 (yep, this is the first one!)


Hello! It is officially a week since Polygon Treehouse revealed it's announce trailer for Röki, and what a crazy week it's been! At around lunch time last Tuesday, we were sat in Alex's office eagerly pressing refresh on the Eurogamer site to see if the article about us had gone live yet. We've both done press interviews in the past, but this time it was about something much more personal - we were about to see what someone had written about our brand new game, a game that only the two of us are making. Fortunately, we needn't have worried. The article was great and the response since then has been amazing. A BIG thanks to everyone for giving us such positive feedback.

Here are some of the highlights:

- The trailer has had over 17k views (and its still going up)

- We've had 363 new followers on twitter (Thank you and hello if one of them is you!)

- Our facebook page has reached over 9k people

- We've also had some great press coverage as well. Check out our News page to see more.

This week looks like it will be a bit quieter, so we're back to making the game. But before I say goodbye, here's a little peak at one of the trailer scenes from a different camera angle. Pretty cool huh?

Right, that's it. Goodbye for now. Don't forget to tell all your friends about us!

Alex & Tom

Tom Jones