Who the flip are Polygon Treehouse?


It's Saturday morning and I'm on my third cup of coffee. Yesterday was a big day for Polygon Treehouse. We wrapped the Announce Trailer for Röki (our debut indie game), and had the Skype interview for the Eurogamer article that will reveal it, and our brand spanking new studio, to the world in a few days time.

But hey, hold up. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. Apologies, maybe we should rewind a little.

Hi, I'm Alex and until a couple of months ago my buddy Tom and I were both Art Directors at Guerrilla Cambridge. It was a super-neat studio, we worked hard alongside some super-talented people and we'd made some super-great games over the years that we were really proud of. However, sometimes life throws you a curve ball and earlier this year Guerrilla Cambridge sadly closed it's doors. We've both had a lot of great experiences during our time there, had learnt a huge amount from some very talented people and made some awesome friends along the way so it was going to take a little time to absorb, process and work out what we wanted to do next.

As is often the way with these things one door closes and another one opens.

In the following weeks we were both fortunate enough to have interest from a number of established studios to join their teams and get back in the saddle. Super flattering and exceptionally tempting, but there was a monkey on my back that I couldn't shake, he was whispering 'go indie'. I'd met up for lunch with Tom and it turned out that he was plagued by a monkey of his own, so we started to dig into it a little further.

We spent the next few weeks spit-balling ideas, trying things out, looking at the business side of things and meeting up with our friends in the industry to get some sage advice and make sure we weren't going off half-cocked. We were a little taken aback by how generous everyone was with their time, and how supportive and honest they were in their advice (and continue to be), we owe them a huge thanks....really, thanks.

But ultimately you can grab all the information possible, do all the research, try to prepare yourself for what may come but you'll never really know until you take the plunge and take that step into the unknown. So at the start of March we decided to knock our job offers on the head and we formed Polygon Treehouse.

TADA...our sweet new logo.

Cut to end of April and I'm writing this, our first blog-post. One thing that was really important to us both from the get-go was that we didn't want to develop in a vacuum keeping everything Secret Squirrel. We're going to be openly sharing as we develop Röki via Twitter (@PolyTreehouse) and this blog. We want to build a community and fan-base around the game, share with you our art, techniques, inspirations, musings and trials as we go as well as getting your feedback on what you think of this thing we're coaxing into life. So, this will be the first of many blog-posts. We're going to be firing one out every week or so and already have a whole bunch of exciting stuff we want to talk to you about.

We wanted to do an Announce Trailer for Röki to kick-start our open development of the game. Think of it as a "How do you do? This is us and what we're up to". So turn the sound up, peel back your eyelids, we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. Feel free to share it with your friends and please come back for more. It'll be nice to have you along for the ride.


Alex & Tom

NEXT TIME:  Why Point and Click?

Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou