This is the box-fresh announcement trailer for our debut indie title Röki. Röki is a point & click adventure game about a young girl venturing deep into the forbidden wilderness, a land of dark mystery, ancient magic and monsters.
A new wintry scene from Röki, all running in Unity @ 1280p. Enjoy!
Remember that cellar concept, well here's the finished thing in 3d and in engine.
Another piece of time-lapse concept art. This time it's the creation of the cellar from Tove's house.
Quick video showing off some of the techniques we use to light the characters in Röki. For more info, check out the blog here:
Another snowy time-lapse. This time a scenic shot of some distant mountains.
Here we have Lars modeling #Röki's indoor & outdoor winter fashions for #screenshotsaturday
We explore Tove's cabin in the woods in piece of #conceptart. The original paint took a couple of hours. #Röki
We've done a pass over #Röki's #UI, here's a look at what we've been up to
We journey deeper into the forest with this time-lapse #conceptart from #Röki
Welcome to the magical world of #Röki's Poncho Physics™, featured on Lars, our second character. All made with Unity.
A special time-lapse video we prepared for #ScreenshotSaturday. The scene is of a vast underground lake, ENJOY
You asked, so here it is!...A #screenshotsaturday breakdown of Tove's facial #animation set-up, ENJOY ✌️
😱 Eeek! An early look at Tove's journey into the deep forest for #screenshotsaturday...
MONDAY BONUS ROUND!...Here's the #animation breakdown of Tove's #screenshotsaturday jog
A video we prepared for #ScreenshotSaturday...Here's how the first pass of Tove's jog #animation is shaping up :)
This was a short video captured in Unity that we prepared for #ScreenshotSaturday. An early peek at a long-forgotten mine...💀💀💀
Hi! This is a quick video we created to celebrate getting over 1000 followers on Twitter. It features Röki himself. ENJOY
Here's the walk cycle we shared for #ScreenshotSaturday. It shows each incremental stage of animation:- blocking, inbetweens, spline animation curves and the final version in Unity (where we add the physics driven elements). ENJOY :)
This is a short video we shared for #ScreenshotSaturday. We've been blocking out Tove's #animation set & also added EPIC BOBBLE HAT PHYSICS™ 😉
Some early concept from Röki, our debut indie game, showing Tove's cabin on the outskirts of town.
Hi, Here's something we prepared for #ScreenshotSaturday. Tove's eyes now track the players cursor around the scene in game. Tove is the main character from our debut indie title Röki. Enjoy
Hi, here's an early piece of concept art from our debut indie title Röki. It was once of the first things we create when exploring the world. We shared it for #ScreenshotSaturday a few weeks back as part of our ongoing open development of the game. Enjoy