Tom Jones / Co-Director & Environments

Tom Jones is an established Art Director with over 14 years experience at Sony Computer Interactive (PlayStation®) and Guerrilla Games. He has a broad artistic skillset, with a background in traditional painting and environment art. He was the Art Director for Guerrilla Cambridge's most recent two titles; RIGS and Killzone Mercenary. Both were regarded as industry leading in their graphical quality. His wider portfolio includes Killzone 1, Killzone 2, Heavenly Sword and Wipeout Pulse. He also helped create a TV Advert for Bafta winning Little Big Planet, and was listed in Develop's 30 under 30' in 2009.

Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou / Co-Director & Characters/Animation

Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou is a Cambridge based Art Director working in the video games industry. He has over 14 years of top flight game development experience working for market leading companies Guerrilla Games and Sony Computer Interactive (PlayStation®). He was recruited straight from University by Sony and worked in most Art disciplines focussing on Character Art and Animation before becoming an established Art Director. In his time at Sony he has worked on seven released PlayStation® titles including MediEvil: Resurrection, Killzone 2 and Killzone: Mercenary as well a number of periods generating brand new concepts.

Ali Tocher / Sound Designer

Ali is the founder of LookListen. A sound design, implementation and production specialist, Ali’s career has seen him work across film, TV, web, live music and now focusing on games and interactive media. He is passionate about all types of games, especially narrative driven experiences and games that focus on emergent player driven narrative. The player’s experience is paramount to Ali’s sound design. Once upon a time, in his home country of New Zealand, Ali had the pleasure of being “squashed” by a CG catapult boulder in Lord of the Rings: Two Towers. Audio has been the through-running theme in Ali’s life and the joy he finds in it’s power is what drives him to work to share that magic with audiences all over the world.

Aether / Composer

Aether (aka Jason Taylor) is a visually impaired music composer, producer and audio engineer hailing from Scotland. He’s been writing music under the alias “Aether” since 2013 and has been fortunate enough to work with a lot of other talented music creators, singers, record labels, visual artists and recently game developers!

Danny Salfield Wadeson / Narrative Designer & Writer

Danny is a freelance writer & narrative designer and has worked on some incredible games across a range of genres including; Harold Halibut, The Last Night, Abandon Ship and In Other Waters to name but a few. In the past he’s been a broadly published games journalist , a copywriter/creative in marketing/advertising, helped build 3 start-ups and co-founded a games studio. He’s a big believer in ‘native’ game-writing, i.e. being careful not to apply screenwriting or similar tropes to an inherently more interactive medium and is also fascinated by world-building

Sam Dickinson (AKA Samu) / Gameplay Designer

Samu is a gameplay designer (amongst other things) on Röki. Primarily, her job is to make sure the levels are fun and fluid, in terms of how they play. She also help to ensure the design supports the narrative as well as the visual elements of the game so that it feels like a full and coherent experience. Previously she worked with Tom and Alex at Sony/Guerrilla Cambridge where she wore all the hats; with periods as an artist, designer before becoming a producer!

Matthew Dickson / Tech

Matthew is a programmer and all round tech guy. His role at Polygon Treehouse is to make sure that all the technical parts behind the scenes are well oiled and running smoothly. He was previously a Tools Programmer at Sony PlayStation, where he met Tom and Alex, before going freelance.

Kari Kinn / Nordic Language Consultant

Kari is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Nordic Language at the University of Oslo’s Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies. Before taking up her current post, she held a postdoctoral research position at the University of Cambridge. She advises the team on to ensure Röki’s naming and terminology are as authentic as possible.