“This is the kind of game we wish we had right now”

Bleeding Cool

“Röki aims to maintain the things people love about adventure games, while making them accessible to those who might not be familiar with the genre’s rough edges, and so far I absolutely love it.”

Gaming Trend

“Our impressions and expectations of Röki started to skyrocket”

“Röki doesn’t disappoint and our hype and patience were rewarded with a gorgeous game with deep roots in the emotional department”

Goo Games

“Despite being early in development, Röki already looks breathtaking”

PC Gamer

“Röki looks beautiful, with hints of games such as Tearaway and Broken Age”


“Much like Baba Is You, Röki is one of those puzzlers that’s more chill and perfect to jump into after a long day at the office”


“If my short time with this bit of Scandinavian folk tale is anything to go by, this is one to keep an eye out for”

Adventure Gamers