Röki & United Label Games


Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s Röki blog!

It’s been an exciting week for us. On Monday we were able to announce Röki’s publisher - the brand new indie label from CI Games, United Label. This is huge news for us and a big step on our ongoing indie adventures.

We’d been fortunate to have interest from a number of potential publishers but United impressed us with their vision and ambition for Röki , plus the prospect of being in at the start of their own new venture was very exciting. It’s something we’ve had to be very secretive about for a while as the label was under wraps, so it’s really cool that it’s now out in the open and we can share the news!

You can read more about the new label in a selection of the news stories below:-

As well as the announcement of the label itself, United’s first four titles were confirmed!


We saw the line-up when we signed and were really impressed with the creativity, vision and imagination of the titles and their worlds. We also thing they make a really cohesive set and we’re really happy to be up there alongside them. You hopefully all know a fair bit about our game by now, but here’s a look at our label-mates’ super cool games:

Eldest Souls by Fallen Flag Studios

Set in a grim, dark fantasy world,

Eldest Souls is innovating the genre by associating boss-rush gameplay, together with a high level of combat customization.

The innovative combat mechanics are quick to pick-up and hard to master, offering unique layers of complexity and challenging bosses, revitalizing the souls-like genre.

Tails of Iron by Odd Bug Studios

Tails of Iron is an Adventure RPG-lite game set in a charming and brutal world. Playing as Redgi the Rat, you are heir to the throne when your kingdom is raided by the Iron Frog. Players face challenging, tactical and stunning combat encounters in order to rebuild the Rat Kingdom.

Horae by Lunaris Iris

Horae takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where time has stopped. The game offers up exploration-focused gameplay based on the memories of preceding discoveries, unveiled through quests and a multiple choices map and a turn-based combat system, reminding strategy and board games.

Right, that’s your lot for this week.

It’s been great to finally be able to share Röki’s publisher and our label-mates with you. We look forward to sharing more news and cool stuff in the coming year - it’s gonna be a big one!!

Take care,

Team Röki

Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou