Weekly Round Up - Week 3


So if you've not realised already, there was no roundup for week 2 and if I'm honest, there probably won't be one for week 4 either. Basically, we're going to be keeping things 'flexible' here in the Treehouse, so we'll only do updates when there's something to say.


Excellent! Right, so what have we been up to since week 1? Here's the roundup:

- We surpassed 500 followers on Twitter. Not too shabby at all! We've also been getting a lot of attention for Screenshot Saturday. This video in particular went down very well!

- Recently we spoke with AdventureGamers.com about Röki. You can read about our chat here

- But, possibly my favourite update of them all is a video about our game from Brazilian site Game Over . Like us you may not understand much, but it's worth it to hear them say 'Tom Jo-nez' at the end. Awesome! (Also, If anyone can actually translate it for us that would be amazing)

- Last, but not least, we've set up an Instagram account too. That can be found here

Thanks for following, and don't forget to tell your friends!

Alex & Tom



Tom Jones